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How to Increase Profit on the Devices You Service

Dealers, new isn’t always better. In fact, new can be much worse. From an install and service perspective, it is often more profitable to place a remanufactured device than a brand-new one.

Here’s why.

1. Cost of Parts

Brand-new devices require brand-new parts. These are expensive and diminish your margin, especially under an MPS agreement where your cost is fixed.

2. Parts Availability

Brand-new parts are not readily available, and end-users may decide they’ve waited long enough. This frustration could cost you your service contract.

3. Install Time

Setting up a brand-new device takes more time and more troubleshooting. Expect delays, particularly when rolling out an entire fleet.

4. Repair Knowledge Base

No one really knows how or what to repair on a new printer—because it's new. Technicians get stumped and end-users experience more downtime.

You may be thinking, but brand-new is so easy to sell! That’s true if your sales pitch was developed by the OEM, but where do you add value? Have you compared and calculated the costs? Is new actually better for you and your end-user?

With remanufactured printers, you won’t have the above problems. Parts are inexpensive and accessible, and technicians know the devices inside and out. Your service team can select among various printer models that they know are reliable, and when they do break down, they are easy to repair.

We’ve seen results for over 20 years. Contact Premier Laser Printers to learn more about top-selling remanufactured devices and how to implement them into your offering.

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