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How Dealers Can Benefit from a Rigorous Remanufacturing Process

There’s a myth in our industry that warranties aren’t provided on remanufactured printers. As a company that offers an extensive 12-month warranty on all of our devices (and 6-months on parts and accessories!), we can confirm that it’s a myth! In fact, it’s further from the truth than you may think. In many cases, a reman warranty is actually stronger than an OEM one.

Here’s why.

It all boils down to quality control because warranties only matter AFTER something breaks. So, fewer issues and happier customers start with stronger devices. How does reman stack up against OEM here? We’ll share our own remanufacturing process and you decide.

At Premier Laser Printers, work is never outsourced. All of our printers are built in-house for maximum quality assurance. We choose models we know are reliable, and if they do break down, are inexpensive and easy to repair (this is especially important for your contracted devices). Each printer goes through our exclusive 34-step process. Highlights include:

  • Replacement of high-wear parts

  • New rebuilt fuser installed

  • Reset to manufacturer specs

  • Upgraded to latest software

  • Cleaned inside and out

  • Exterior panels reconditioned and color-matched

  • Quality control inspection performed

Why does all this matter? Starting with a proven, reliable device allows you to be less dependent on a warranty. Fewer issues and less downtime will make your end-users happy, and as discussed in last month’s blog, happy customers = repeat business.

You can worry less and expect more when you place a remanufactured device. Contact a Premier Laser Printers specialist today to learn more.

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