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Why a Remanufactured Device Should be Your First Choice

As a sales rep, you can’t help yourself. You love selling shiny, brand-new office equipment! But for MPS clients, you shouldn’t be so quick to place these devices. The latest and greatest technology comes at a cost—a really high cost that can choke the profits out of your business.

Here’s why.

It takes 18-24 months for compatible supplies to become available. Until then, expensive OEM toner is your only option. The cost difference between OEM and compatible can be double: anywhere from $85 to $100 or more per cartridge. How quickly does that add up?

Let’s break it down. (Math alert!)

  • The average employee prints five pages per day. At 220 workdays a year, that’s 1,200 pages.

  • Assume half of those are color (600 pages x 4x cartridges).

  • The other half are mono, 600 pages x 1x cartridge.

  • That’s 3,000 combined pages per year.

  • So, for every 10 employees, on average, you need 4 cartridges.

For an organization of 100 employees, that’s 40 cartridges. If you can only buy OEM supplies, that’s an extra $4,000 more per year out of your pocket.

This is only IF your authorizations allow you to access brand-new supplies. If not, forget the cost—your entire sales model is now disrupted.

But it isn’t as easy as choosing a device that’s at least two years old. You need to place something that has already stood the test because manufacturers produce lemons every so often. Why take the chance? Your service team can select among various remanufactured printer models that they know are reliable, and when they do break down, are inexpensive and easy to repair.

You can read more about the benefits of serving remanufactured devices here.

MPS supplies and service automation only works with the right devices—Premier Laser Printers can help. Contact us today.

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